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IMO, Imo Messenger’s New Design And Group Photo Sharing Feature Are Great

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The popular instant messaging iPhone app imo messenger has just received a big makeover. And it is looking mighty fine. Released in December 2009, imo messenger is an instant messaging tool that works with a variety of social networks and chatting platforms. The app supports Faceboook Chat, Google Talk, Skype, MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Jabber, Hyves, VKontakte, and Steam.

By: Aldrin Calimlim

Imo Gets New Android And iOS Update With Awesome New Features

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Fans of the popular messaging client called imo are in for some good news today. Essentially, imo has released a complete redesign for their app on both iOS and Android. That’s always a risk for the creators, as people grow accustomed to the way the app was, and changing it can make dedicated users angry. I must say, as an imo user, I am quite happy with the changes.

By: Dave Leclair

imo.im redesigns iPhone and Android apps, and adds photo-sharing and instant upload features

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imo Instant Messenger users will see a major design update to the messaging client today for both its iPhone and Android apps. The redesign should streamline the user experience by combining existing pages while also focusing on a feature upgrade to the iPhone app and will enable users to download Imo-shared photos as well as give users the option to quickly upload images to Imo with an instant upload-like feature.

By: Francis Bea

While Airlines Add More Fees, One Travel Freebie Becomes Standard

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So who exactly is covering the costs of “free” wi-fi at airports today? Typically, providers such as Advanced Wireless Group (AWG) and Boingo use a tiered business model to generate revenue, in which all travelers have access to free basic wi-fi for a limited time (45 minutes or so) but must watch a sponsored ad before the session begins. A faster, unlimited, ad-free premium version of the service is available to those willing to pay for it.

By: Brad Tuttle

GIE+EXPO Rebounds Nicely

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The issues of emissions, unit weight and noise – especially on sensitive properties such as hospitals, nursing homes and school grounds – are causing a larger number of contractors to investigate electric-powered equipment.

Core Outdoor Power attracted considerable attention at the GIE+EXPO with its line of GasLess CGT400 Trimmers, hedge trimmers, hand-held and backpack blowers. The Montana-based company says it’s coming out with a GasLess self-propelled, walk-behind mower in 2013.

By: Ron Hill

DCA Winners Announced in Louisville

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Handheld — CORE Outdoor Power CB420 Handheld Blower utilizes innovative Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy (CORE) motor technology combined with intelligent electronic controls and a high-energy power cell. The CB420 weighs 11 lbs., produces wind speed up to 110 MPH and covers 400 cu. ft./min. for up to 30 minutes.

By: Dan Shell


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