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SiGNa Chemistry is a NYC-based nanotechnology chemical tech start-up, founded to advance products that will solve our most serious global challenges. This is one example of the Overit's booming green tech PR practice, which focuses primarily on hydrogen technologies and nanotechnology.

In addition to launching several products and issuing releases regarding hard-news announcements, the Overit team also created unique and proactive story angles that were either focused on evergreen opportunities or follow-up to rapid response news items. As well, we focused on positioning CEO Michael Lefenfeld as a spokesperson within the green tech community who could comment on the changing landscape of the industry.

SiGNa Chemistry was a relatively unheard of company before Overit placed the brand and CEO in mainstream cover spots in publications like Bloomberg Businessweek, NY Times, Popular Science, PhysOrg, VentureBeat, Wired, MSNBC, and Gizmodo.

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