Success Is Our Story

Twenty years ago we set out to build a company that made amazing work.

A Desire to Change The World

In 1993, Dan Dinsmore led a gang of new media rebels to push the envelope through video, audio and creative. Two decades later an award-winning digital agency rooted in experimentation and creative solutions has emerged. We've stayed true to our original mission: integrate new techniques to surpass what you thought your brand's marketing could achieve. And we do it every day.

Pattern of Success

Today, Overit builds brand recognition and awe for clients of all sizes through a mix of creative ideas, stand-out visuals, full interactivity and technical development. We're Redefining Creative in an era where most agencies are playing it safe, and we're achieving excellence. We've won more than three dozen local and national awards, but what motivates our team is knowing we've helped our clients launch new products and lead their industries.

Established in 1993 Made in Albany, NY Next Stop - the Moon!

An Agency of Integration

Many agencies claim true integration, however, Overit rehabbed a 13,000-square foot church to build it. With departments specializing in Web development, graphic design, motion, audio, public relations, SEO/PPC, content marketing and social media, Overit offers the truly unique ability to take a project from its initial idea to full-scale implementation all under one roof. The Overit team is comprised of hand-picked talent, awarding us the most creative staff in the region.

A House of Creative People and Ideas

Our work is guided in the belief that great brands are meant to be noticed. We may not be your typical marketing agency, but we think that's something to applaud, not hide from. Your brand deserves more than marketing mediciority. It deserves new ideas, new techniques and creativity pulled from experts collaborating. Don't assume what you've always done is the best way. Open your brand up to new ideas and possibilities.