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Content Audit & Strategy

Lucky enough to have a team of talented writers and marketers working for you? Think you could handle your company's content efforts if only you had a roadmap to guide your efforts? Fancy yourself a talented writer, but you're missing the strategy and metrics to back up your efforts?

If so, this is where a Content Audit & Strategy document from Overit can help by putting the strategy back into your content efforts.

Content is hard. We get that. When you're working in your business every day, it can be difficult to notice the opportunities that exist all around you. It's also challenging to pinpoint what content your audience is looking for, what your performance ratio is for existing content and where you'll get the most bang for your buck in terms of SEO power.

This is where we come in.

As objective third-parties who live and breathe marketing, we can help you understand the needs of your consumers and tie them to content opportunities that exist for your brand. We'll look at your analytics to determine the phrases that are important to your business, identify the needs and questions your customers have and detail how you can best address them through site content, blogging opportunities, linkbait suggestions, off-site content opportunities, motion and media, etc. We'll also take note of what your competitors and others in your industry are doing to discover how you can blow them out of the water.

With a Content Audit & Strategy document from Overit, we take the guesswork out of content creation so you can implement a content strategy that makes sense for your brand and results in ROI.

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