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Startup PR

You started a company inspired by an idea - a cause, a product, a service - and now, you need help sharing your idea with the world. We know that launching a startup isn't easy. Extensive time and resources have already been poured into product development before anyone has ever heard about it. And while you're pitching your company to investors and your first customers, there is rarely time left to get your name in the news.

Overit's PR team is the partner you need to launch your startup business. From defining your company's core messaging to landing coverage in the top regional, national and industry-specific news outlets, we have the skills and expertise to successfully launch your company into the public eye. With experience launching companies such as Kogeto, Wifarer Inc., CORE Outdoor Power and Collective Bias, we know no two companies' needs are the same. We can work with your team and budget while sharing our best practices to optimize your launch and immediate public visibility.

Of course, when your company launches, we know it's only the first chapter of your story. From day one, we'll build the media relations program that will place your company's funding announcements, expansions, product updates and new releases in the headlines.

You want to establish your company as a leader in its industry. Establishing the key messaging from the beginning of our engagement and your press efforts will set your brand on a path to industry recognition.

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