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SEO/PPC Department Description

SEO Strategy

SEO has changed forever.

No more just a technical consideration, SEO has matured to become about creating a site that serves your audience, puts users on the path to conversion, and gets noticed by the right people. That's why Overit's SEO Strategy services have evolved with it. When we work with you as a full SEO client, we're not just looking examining your site's backend, we're looking at everything you're doing with your online marketing and to tie it all back to the one metric that matters- conversions.

Overit's SEO Strategy services are designed to walk your brand through the complete process of increasing Web visibility. We believe a holistic view is your best bet at Web domination. When we meet with you, we'll look at your site from initial research perspective, to how you can build links and influence, to helping you understand what your analytics and numbers really mean to the health of your website. When you partner with Overit for SEO, you don't just get regular reporting and analytics. We step up to become part of your team to help you understand what the data means and how to use it to not only increase rankings, but to increase the goals of your business.

From keyword research to design strategy to link building strategies to setting up goal reporting, Overit's SEO Strategies cover the full gamut of SEO services to ensure your site is not only structurally sound, but optimized for the users you're trying to attract. In today's world of SEO, it's not enough to attract keywords. You need to attract people.

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