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Motion Department Description

Motion Design Services

Every agency has its pearl. The area that makes it truly unique and represents the heart of the company. At Overit, our pearl is the Motion department.

Creating everything from music videos to cartoons to interactive infographics and special effects for movies and television, the Overit Motion design team executes stimulating visual effects. From our work with video games for Marvel and Activision to delving into our own video game and character development today, we love collaborating with clients to determine what Motion opportunities they can pursue.

Overit is incredibly proud to offer Motion design services in:

The Motion design department at Overit is comprised of an extraordinarily talented team who work collaboratively on projects that are second to none. Whether it's an animated logo, a series of videos or the modeling of a new brand character, our motion designers capture your audience's attention by placing them directly in the scene and bringing your ideas to life. Overit's Motion team delivers more than a brand that sits on the page; they create an identity that talks, dances and interacts directly with your customers.

The heart of your brand resides in the 10 percent. That's where Motion excels. Allow us to help get your brand "stuck" in a customer's top of mind.

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