Bad Advice


You need to create fresh content. Update your blog regularly. Create content that users will want to read and, ultimately, link back to.

If I have to hear one more person tell me to do what should be painstakingly obvious for anyone in the business of acquiring online leads, I’m going to go on a rampage. Think about it – let’s take each of the statements I’ve mentioned above and spin them to say the complete opposite:

You need to reuse stale content.

Never update your blog.

Create content that no one will want to read, let alone link back to.

If any advice you’re given, when put in the opposite context, makes you go, “well, duh”, than guess what? It isn’t advice. It’s COMMON SENSE.

Every day I scour industry-related blogs looking for useful information and it’s all the same claptrap. It’s gotten beyond the point of ridiculous.

The funny thing is, I could end this post right here concluding that people should stop giving crap advice, but that in itself is crap advice. So, let me give you some real advice:

1. Sign up to receive Google alerts in your email for your target keyword phrase

2. Every day look through your alerts and post a commentary on something you’ve found to your blog.

3. Cite your sources accordingly, and link when it’s appropriate.

Boom. Quick and easy content for the marketer on the go. You shouldn’t make this your everyday approach to fresh content, but it’s good for those days you really don’t have the time or brainpower to come up with anything more in-depth.

Now I can safely tell you to stop giving crap advice.