Beech-Nut Case Study

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View the Beech-Nut "Embrace" Campaign Website

Overit Media recently partnered in a creative campaign for Beech-Nut®, an international, family-owned company dedicated to making nutritious and great-tasting infant and toddler food. Beech-Nut has made baby food for more than 75 years at its headquarters located in the heart of upstate New York.

Overit partnered with Recrue Media, one of the leading retargeting advertising agencies, to help Beech-Nut expand its PPC advertising presence. The challenge in Phase I was to develop a creative strategy and messaging that highlighted genuine interactions during “Feeding Moments” between parent and child, as well as support Beech-Nut’s home-style product lines through each developmental stage.

Working within Beech-Nut’s existing branding strategy, Overit created the “Embrace” campaign in less than six weeks. The images integrated nicely with Beech-Nut’s existing web presence but contemporized the company’s online corporate identity.

The campaign was an instant success. Initial results stemming from the advertising metrics measured demonstrated more than 83,000,000 advertising impressions by Beech-Nut’s target audience, an average impression frequency of 22x per target household. Total new pixel loads (new visitor tags) increased to 503,100 unduplicated Mom’s, thus reaching a record 122,000 new Moms in just four weeks.

Additionally, Beech-Nut Rewards Program signups sky-rocketed as 177 percent of April’s goal was met, strongly supporting ongoing marketing within the Beech-Nut community.