Big Daddy Drayage Enlists Overit Media for Website Redesign


Big Daddy Drayage  has signed on with Overit Media for a website redesign. Award-winning Overit Media plans to once again deliver the best of web design that they consistently offer all of its high-end clients.

Big Daddy Drayage, located in New York, offers overall cost-savings and time efficient strategies that are individually tailored to meet each customer’s changing requirements and needs.

Overit Media, known also for its keen attention to a client’s changing needs, feels that the continuing partnerships with clients such as Big Daddy Drayage lends itself to an age-old business idea: a happy client becomes a repeat client.

Knowing that diversity in a portfolio is important, Overit Media skillfully attends to each client with the utmost in care and top-notch deliverables. The common thread between the two companies will make for excellent results.

View Overit Media’s creative portfolio and see how diversity and creativity meet to make award-winning results.