Brief Overit Media Week in Review


Is it work when you love what you do? I think I read or heard someone say something to the effect that “you’ll never work a day in your life if you do what you love.” If that’s true we didn’t work, a lot.

The Overit Media Brief Week in Review: 11/6/2009

Web Design & Development

When I say we’ve been working furiously, I don’t mean ‘rushing’ to get stuff done. We don’t rush. What I mean by ‘working furiously’ is: we’ve been pouring our blood sweat and tears into a number of upcoming websites. From technology-based sites, to fashion to new social networking sites to tattoo applications.

Example: Skin Poison (http://skinpoison.com)

Internet Marketing

We have contractual projects that are ongoing from month-to-month, but the end of October and beginning of November spells traffic analysis and report composition. Our comprehensive reports include traffic analysis and future strategy, as well as work performed in order to keep our clients as informed as possible as well as a co-planner where applicable. We were also happily swamped with composing site analysis reports for prospective SEO clients. We have some good stuff coming down the Inter-pipes. We reviewed our internal marketing strategies for 2010 and are happy to announce that some of our bigger projects are in queue and ready to start. We are happy to see a somewhat recent website relaunch experience tens of thousands of visits after only a couple of months.

Sales & Marketing

This past week saw a slew of meetings and requests for proposals. We visited them, they came to us. All in all, we’re one step closer to solidifying new projects and we are excited to start working closely with these new clients. We’ve met some great people this week who were very prepared with their goals, needs and wants. This, in combination with our research and preparedness, opened more immediate opportunities to get to know these prospective clients and their businesses from the get-go.

Flash Design

Work continued on a flash-based interactive map. Our resident flash-master, Nick Hansen internally showcased the work to date and we’re excited to present to the client upon detailed completion.

Prologue: An eCommerce Shopping Cart Solution

Reuters picked up the story about our Prologue. Pass it on!

Also: Google announced the new eCommerce product, Google Commerce Search. We quickly looked into their platform and were happy to announce that our eCommerce shopping cart, Prologue (http://getprologue.com) easily integrates with what many are calling “Google’s next best commerce solution.” The combination of Prologue and Google Commerce Search is a mix of two great products that are sure to decrease cart abandonment and greatly increase sales. Of course, Prologue already does that, but the combo supercharges the shopping experience to a different level. Complicated eCommerce carts are a thing of the past. Get Prologue!

Internal Fun

We saw the arrival of the new Overit apparel. We’ll all be sporting some really cool new threads, branded of course, with our company namesake.

Today is Pizza Friday. Enough said.

Have a great weekend and keep up with us here, on Twitter and on our Facebook Group.