Convince SEOmoz To Take A Mozcation In Albany, NY


Any SEO worth their salt knows about SEOmoz. For over 10 years, they have been the shining example of White Hat SEO, offering more knowledge and tools on their site than anyone on the web today. Every year the community grows larger, allowing members to discuss trends, find help on particular subjects, or even get started with SEO by learning the basics.

Well, they’re taking to the road this year to meet with the Mozzer Family and are currently looking for two badass cities to hang their boots for a time.

Not that we’re biased one way or the other, but we think it’s downright essential that Albany, NY find it’s way on their itinerary. A site has been created to support the campaign at If you agree, you’ll need to take to Twitter to show your support. You simply need to Tweet the following:

I nominate Albany, NY for an @SEOmoz #MozCation – More info here:

And if you’re feeling extra saucy, you can include this picture of Roger the mozBot enjoying some of our stunning architechture:

seoMoz Mozcation in Albany, NY