Corporate Culture


Last week, my little baby brother walked across the stage at the Times Union Center and accepted his Bachelor of Arts degree in liberal arts from Siena College (Congrats, Dave!).

As he and the rest of his friends and fellow students start their job searches, I wanted to give them one important piece of advice as they begin pumping out resumes and putting on their suits to go meet with potential employers.

Corporate culture, in my opinion, is one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for a job. I keep hearing new grads and even some friends my age who haven’t been so lucky finding work in this poor job market talk about how much money one employer will pay versus another, or what type of office hours they would keep.

While those factors are important when considering a potential job offer, you can’t overlook the type of culture you will be entering into when accepting a job. I think the overall culture at any business is what is going to make you enjoy coming to work everyday or absolutely despise your life.

What is important to each person with regard to corporate culture can be different for each person. Make sure when you start going on those interviews you are prepared. It is your job to ask just as many questions as the person who is interviewing you. Find out if this is the right place for you and if you think you will be happy. Trust me, a big time salary will not make up for you being miserable everyday. Chances are if you are not happy, your performance will reflect that.

Take your time finding a job. Ask the right questions. Make sure the job you may be right for is right for you, as it will surely pay off in the end!

Good luck and happy job-hunting!