Custom-Development: Overit’s Realistify Tool


Overit Media’s custom developed Realistify graphics tool  is currently in beta testing. The new web-based, flash-driven graphics tool renders user-generated photographic images combined with user-chosen graphics in a realistic manner. The Realistify tool, currently being tested for an undisclosed niche business and niche audience, is slated to be launched in October 2009.

As Overit Media is keeping the particular niche quiet until beta testing is complete, the new web-based Realistify tool will fill a gaping hole in the very niche it serves. The current lack of this particular tool will propel graphics tool development and usage to new and exciting heights. The Realistify tool that Overit has developed is one that has yet to find its way to the intended niche audience and is considered a ‘first’ in its industry.

Overit Media’s custom-developed Realistify will allow for users to upload a photograph and/or image, choose their desired graphics, and combine them in order to generate a new, photo-realistic rendering. Overit’s intention is to entertain as well as to provide a useful tool where each user can create images, save images, share, discuss and otherwise utilize within a contained social networking niche website that provides a haven for creators and sharers alike.

In comparison, tools with any similarity, but utilized in completely different web-based settings, can often be found to be limited in depth and scope.

“We are confident that the niche industry where Realistify will initially be used will be quite surprised. Both the industry and it’s already enormous, built-in audience will seek it repeatedly” explained Overit Media President/CEO, Dan Dinsmore.

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