Custom WordPress Development and Overit Media


For many years, as a web design company, we used our own proprietary CMS which we called the OMS. During that period of time that we used it for many award-winning client sites and it proved to be an incredibly powerful way for our clients to easily manage and update their websites without having to use FTP.

In fact, wherever our clients had access to a computer and the Internet, they could make changes or additions to their site.  The OMS still alive and kicking, but the nature of WordPress being open source and very widely accepted means that WordPress is constantly in a state of improvement and keeps getting better all of the time.

Moving Forward with WordPress

Along the way, we’ve now become attached to the WordPress platform for many, many reasons. And, we now design and develop our websites atop that platform.

For the uninitiated, many regard WordPress only as a blog platform with some stock (and somewhat uninspiring) templates to use. This is simply not the case with custom WordPress development, which is now our current CMS that we custom-customize for our clients.

Custom WordPress Examples from our Portfolio

Let’s look at some examples of websites we’ve built on the WordPress patform that look little, if at all, like a blog template (which, by the way, are available to anyone with a WordPress account).


(A Luxury Maui Hotel)


(A scenic design company; portfolio site)


(Decking and fencing company)

Why Choose WordPress? The Benefits.

1. Cost-effective (the platform is open source) and portable
2. WordPress keeps extremely current with web standards
3. Ease of use (if you can email or use word-processing software, you can easily manage your site’s content upon delivery)
4. Extensive, powerful plugins and widgets for increased efficiency and customization
5. It can handle what ever you want to throw at it: eCommerce, blogs, Twitter integration, etc.
6. Extremely user-friendly
7. Very search-engine-friendly
8. Optimization is easier to integrate without too much, if any, coding changes

The list could go on, but the main message here is that we use the Worpress platform as a toolbox to find our clients’ success. Then, it becomes their toolbox for simple yet powerful manageability.

Get Results

Interested in having us custom-develop your site atop the WordPress platform? We’d love to hear about your project! Contact Overit Media today.