Man Cannot Live on Design Alone


While navigating around the sea of websites on the Internet users will find a full-range of quality. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.  Those with a visual interface that does its job and does it well will typically return a positive experience if the user is asked to ‘rate’ the site. The representation of the overall on-site experience can further add to its merit and much of that can be attributed to the overall design. But what happens when a great design actually turns out disastrous for others who use a different browser, have scripting turned off or turn off images completely for a quicker loading time?

That is when Man Cannot Live on Design Alone

Enter the web developer. While a lengthy list of skills, habits and characteristics of a web developer, and web development as a whole, can take up much of the space in this blog, the most important thing to take away is the fact that well-executed web development can make a working site a winning site.

For example, a good web developer knows as much about the medium he/she works in as possible in order to avoid the pitfalls of a broken site or a frustrating experience for a user. Generally speaking, the web developer is the person who actually “builds” the site. He/she make websites come to life online and have all the functionality that went into the site planning and design. He/she was most likely involved in the planning and analysis stages of the initial idea and played an integral part in the design aspect and eventual functionality overall.

Having a great design to represent yourself or your business is part of winning on the Internet playing field, but making sure technology accounts for the inner-workings, globally, is a key element to a successful website launch based on longevity and usability.

Is your site simply working or is it working? A good web developer can tell you the difference and that difference could mean everything to your visitors.

What Can Overit Media Do For You?

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