Meet Dot: a Passionate Company, Funded by the People


There is nothing more in life I love than telling great stories. It is at the very core of what makes my job so much fun. This year, we’ve had the pleasure to work with some amazing companies and entrepreneurs.

We lay awake thinking about who we need to meet next, how we need to keep pushing the needle, what is the next story we can invent. Some call us crazy…others hire us.

Here is an example of one client we’ve seen from start to greatness.

The feeling of excitement for me personally comes when you see these stories go more and more mainstream and then the brand stands on its own as a role model for innovation and perseverance. Whether that is at a macro level or a nano-scale, you feel like you are a minor part of tech history.

It has been a labor of love since March, but finally Dot™ went on sale and started shipping today. When we started working for Kogeto, Dot was a mere 3D print out, and then a prototype, and then many versions later the team there at Kogeto nailed the design, quality and price. After we crossed the iPhone 4S hurdle, we took a deep breath and filled thousands of pre-orders.

The response for Dot™ was overwhelming and has exceeded our expectations – we hope for the client too. Not only did they raise over $120k in less than 60 days on Kickstarter, but they trumped all the coverage at May’s TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in NYC.  The company has raised some great VC capital and has gone from your gnarly bootstrapping start-up days of five guys to a brilliant team of talented panoramic video leaders.

We’ve been on bicoastal media tours, landed hundreds (no joke…hundreds) of great articles and seen Dot featured in USA Today, LA Times, Forbes, TechCrunch, New York Observer and many, many more.  We have deals and promotions with leading broadcast outlets and are working on getting Dot in the hands of every major blogger, reporter and even military personnel.

It’s been one hell of a ride…especially since we didn’t have a product until today.

But this post isn’t about the PR – it’s about what makes a company so great. Kogeto has been a reminder that to be great, you have to be passionate.   And it has personally reinvigorated me to remember the power of PR for start-ups.  Not to mention they are an exemplary example of a client – so collaborative, so encouraging.