Opposites Connect Picking Up Steam


Opposites Connect Picking Up Steam Before Full Launch

Larry Wilson’s Opposites Connect dating site (we’re in the process of full-site development) is picking up more steam with each passing day.

People are Virtually Lining Up

The website and its concept have had so many people find interest that even prior to the full site being launched, people are virtually lining up to have a ‘free membership’ for life by signing up on the temporary website.

Long gone, I suppose, are the days where a website hung a sign stating ‘under construction’. In the case of oppositesconnect.com, visitors and users of the site can sign-up immediately and secure their free-for-life profile prior to the complete site launching.

Local Press for Opposites Connect

Putting all of that aside, the local press is even getting in on the action as Larry and his website have already been featured on most of the big names in local Albany, NY press. There’s more to come too.

Sign Up for a Free-for-life Membership

If you haven’t already heard of the concept (essentially dating some ‘different’ enough that the date is interesting and not a direct match of personalities (a ‘why date yourself?’ mentality)), be sure to sign-up and see how this approach to dating is truly a different way of thinking of relationships.

Even if you’re in a relationship, or married, it might just be one of those things you can sign up for just to see dating from a different perspective, but in the long run, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due and understand that Larry just might have found a way to bring the ‘fun’ aspect back to dating (without all of that pressure to find Mr./Ms. Right from the get-go) for many.

Experience someone new, someone different, the old adage of ‘opposites attract’ just might work for you, a family member or friend.