Opposites Connect


So we’ve been knee-deep in planning, designing and developing a whole new breed of online dating website, but the thunder is not ours to steal.

Instead, we’d like to share this story posted in All Over Albany about the man behind the concept, Larry Wilson.

You’ll find, like many others, that Larry has taken a completely different approach to online dating where making a connection with someone who may be considered ‘opposite’ might be a powerful combination.

In other words, Larry is bringing the ‘fun’ back to dating. Larry might even be showing that going on a date does not necessarily mean planning years ahead by thinking of marriage, rather, go on the date and meet someone interesting and have fun — the nuptials are a thought for much later, if at all.

Read the local press here about Larry Wilson’s Opposites Connect.

For now, you can sign-up on the temp site in order to guarantee a free profile for life!

We here at Overit will keep you posted as to the official launch (go check the sneak peek though!) in June 2010.