Overit Crew Profile: Patrick Branigan


pat2Name: Patrick Branigan

Title: Art Director

When you started at Overit (how you found out about Overit):

I found out about Overit when I was a junior in college. A hobby of mine is to browse agency websites (fitting I suppose as a designer!) because I always found it interesting to see how creatives represent themselves. I was based in Buffalo, NY and had no intention on staying in the area post university. I happened to curiously browse Albany agencies, saw Overit and, frankly, passed them over and forgot about them. After graduation in May 2010, I had offers coming in from all over the country. I was amidst plenty of interviews when I happened to see a Craigslist ad for web design at Overit. I thought “Why not?” and applied. They almost immediately gave me an offer, and being that it was so quick, and guaranteed, I had a tough time passing it up. So I started at Overit in June 2010 as a junior designer.

Where are you originally from?

Born in Pittsburgh. Grew up in Albany. Studied in Buffalo.

What you’re known for in the office?

Being young, having ridiculous hair, and promoting electronic dance music.

Worst vacation mishap?

My first trip to Vegas, I chipped my front tooth, and my best friend accidentally locked himself in a hotel stairway for a couple hours. It was as if we were living the movie The Hangover. It was awful at the time, but looking back, it was hilarious. Easily one of the best vacations I’ve taken.

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl hands down. I grew up an avid video gamer, online multiplayers and first person shooters to be specific. By the age of 14, I was accepted into a “clan” of very talented gamers who participated heavily in the video game Battlefield 1942. We would play and practice as many hours a day as possible. We were so good we were actually winning national online tournaments for it – we were making money playing video games! I would wake up early, play, go to school, come home, play, and finally go to bed between 2am and 4am depending on my class schedule the next day. In high school I would leave on my free periods during school to go home and play. I was a nut. But it was incredible fun. To this day I still game with the same guys (now we are heavy in Battlefield 3). It’s been 10 years. They’ve witnessed me grow up. And I have formed a second group of friends. It was because of my gaming that I became so heavily involved in technology, visuals, music, and design. I pay tribute to being that nerd…it’s one of many reasons I am where I am today. Now days I split my evenings and very early mornings between gaming and designing. 3-6 hours of sleep has never really been a problem for me. The night presents a quiet, a stillness that is soothing. I find no matter what I’m doing, I’m more productive at night.

What you’re most likely doing on a Sunday afternoon?

If it’s football season, watching my Pittsburgh Steelers. If it’s baseball season, watching my Yanks. If neither are available, I split my Sundays between personal design projects, gaming, and spending time with family and friends.

pat1Favorite part about your job?

On a large scale, I enjoy knowing that I create things people will react to. Whether it’s a good or bad reaction, it’s igniting an emotion and that to me is important. I enjoy that. On a smaller scale, I love the fact I can listen to electronic dance music all day while working. Honestly, if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t be working in the position I’m in. EDM is the single greatest influence on my work ethic and productivity. I also really enjoy the community surrounding design, and web design in particular. My job has introduced me to plenty of talented people I wish I had met earlier both on a daily basis, and simply online.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

New York City, New York; Cape Cod, Massachussetts; or anywhere in the Netherlands. I’d also love to work remotely from Hawaii, however I wouldn’t plan on settling there for more than a couple years. I love large amounts of people, and large structures. Other than that, so long as I’m within distance of major electronic dance music events, I’m good.

Song that most often gets stuck in your head?

“Sun & Moon” by Above & Beyond. One of the better EDM (trance and progressive) tracks of the past 3 years.

Songs your most likely to Karaoke?

Most the music I listen to have very little vocals. But I sing along to a lot of Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Coldplay when I’m not listening to EDM. Those three were big influences for me growing up.

If you were an animal?

Cheetah. I like speed. In technology, cars, sports, etc…

Weirdest dream you’ve ever had?

There are far too many. But I will say that I dream about being chased by, or chasing a tornado at least once every 2 weeks. This has happened to me since childhood. It’s also probably a reason why I have a huge fascination with tornados.

Who inspires your creativity?

Electronic dance music artists, particularly those revolving around trance, progressive and dutch house. If I did not have EDM in my life, I would not be designing. My love for the genre actually started about 8 years ago, and since it has only grown hand in hand with my liking for design. Now, due to it’s explosion in the United States, and its increasing popularity, it’s easier for me to become inspired. I’m fully surrounded by sounds that allow for my imagination to work. In particular, to name a few: Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, Arty, ATB, Gareth Emery, Aly & Fila, Thomas Gold… I think I’ve seen the top 25 DJs in the world, all at least 3 times at this point. Some such as Avicii I’ve seen upwards of 7 or 8 times live now. EDM and its culture is just a really big influence.

Bucket list items?

Go tornado chasing.

What you wanted to be when you grew up?

Professional video gamer.

Place you haven’t been you want to go?

The Netherlands, Southern Ireland, and the island of Ibiza.

Your high school nickname?


Something no one else knows about you until this blog post got published?

I bet very few people know that I’m fascinated with tornadoes. And unless you went to high school with me, you probably wouldn’t know (though you may guess) I DJed, and self produced two albums.