Design, Overit, SEO/PPC03.30.09

Overit Launches Custom Blog for Variegated


Overit Media is excited to announce the launch of a custom developed blog for Variegated. The Overit designers and developers have been working and communicating closely with Variegated during each step of the way in order to deliver a site with the utmost in impact and usability, while promoting the brand in a meaningful and memorable fashion.

With stores located in Hudson, NY and Catskill, NY, store owners  Jim Deskevich and Corbett Marshall make all of their products by hand. Building on their design sense and background, Overit Media delivered a custom blog that mirrors the quality and uniqueness of Variegated’s hand made bedding & more. All are to be savored, not just put to bed.

Experience Variegated.

Click below to view an image of the new site.