Overit Relaxes & Launches


Each time a birthday and/or new project launch come around, we let loose and go out to lunch to celebrate. Today, it was both.

This time around, we celebrated our Creative Director’s, Kevin Richardson’s, birthday. We also celebrated the launch of our new project/product, Prologue.

As Kevin turns 27, Prologue, an eCommerce shopping cart solution, turns 2 days old. Kevin runs a site called ENCOURAGE OTHERS, a web designer blog, while Prologue is a robust e-commerce shopping cart application focused on simplicity, flexibility and full customization. While other shopping carts tout an endless feature list, Prologue is founded on the idea that no two shopping carts are alike, and your customers deserve a shopping experience catered directly to their needs. Complicated carts are a thing of the past. Get Prologue.

See the photos below to see how we generate new ideas as well as celebrate them — as well as how we celebrate each other as a tight-knit group of friends and respected colleagues.