Overit’s PROLOGUE Easily Integrates Google Commerce Search


We’re proud to report that with the recent announcement of Google Commerce Search, our flagship eCommerce shopping cart easily integrates with Google’s new eCommerce search product.

Prologue is a robust e-commerce shopping cart application focused on simplicity, flexibility and full customization. While other shopping carts tout an endless feature list, Prologue is founded on the idea that no two shopping carts are alike, and your customers deserve a shopping experience catered directly to their needs.

Google Commerce Search aims to be “powerful search solution designed specifically with online retail enterprises in mind,” as stated on the official Google website.

The Overit Development team was quick to research and carefully examine how to integrate Google’s Commerce Search with Prologue. In a short matter of time, Prologue was given the go ahead to work hand in hand with the Google app. And, while Prologue was developed as a means to satisfy our own current clients’ needs due to the many limitations and cart abandonment issues of commercially available carts, this additional feature makes a great cart stellar.

We look forward to increasing sales and again, improving ROI for all clients, current and future.