Why PR is awesome! [Also, we’re hiring]


A lot of people have a lot of bad stuff to say about the PR industry and PR people in general. In fact, CNBC posted a story a few weeks ago highlighting the most stressful jobs for 2013 and, yup, you guessed it — PR Executive came in at number 5. It was beat out only by police officer, airline pilot, military personnel, and firefighters. What is that about? Those folks are risking their lives to save others! But while PR may be stressful at times, I still think it is pretty awesome.


Below are a few reasons.


Ask anyone who knows me – I LOVE traveling. It’s one of my favorite things to do and one of the most exciting parts about my job. It doesn’t matter where the destination is; you can guarantee I’ll be the first to offer myself up for any trip. Most PR execs at an agency typically have clients all over the country, if not all over the world, and we are always the ones to be included when c-level execs and decision makers call meetings. Working as a PR professional is a great way to see the rest of the country and sometimes even other countries!


I’m sure most people are snickering behind their computer screens at this one, but it’s true. I don’t care if I’m in Vegas talking about consumer electronics or Kentucky showing off outdoor power equipment – attending tradeshows is another great job perk! For me, it’s about meeting new people, going someplace new, and getting to represent an awesome brand (because obviously, all of our clients are awesome). Fine, the free swag doesn’t hurt either.

Meet game changers

Getting to meet and work alongside the people who are changing industries and reshaping the way we live is what I live for. I’m that annoying person in the line at Starbucks who tells you how much they love your coat and then proceeds to chat you up until the girl behind the counter yells your latte is ready. Getting to know people on a personal level is what PR is all about. Where do you think the saying came from “it’s not what you know but who you know?” Getting to meet and work with people from across the world who have life-changing ideas is by far my favorite part of the job.


Our clients are developing products and services that are first of its kind and it’s often the PR team that is first to get their hands on this new “stuff.” Whether it’s a prototype of a completely new toy or the spring collection of a clothing line that doesn’t launch for 6 months, the PR team gets the exclusive sneak peek of what’s to come.

Just doing my job

Last but not least, the most obvious reason why I love PR – getting your client on the front page of their favorite industry magazine or major business outlet. The bottom line in PR is to get your client coverage and that is what I love. It’s a lot of hard work and sometimes even sweat and tears but it’s what PR is all about. It’s why we entered this industry in the first place. We are always the ones to get the inside scoop. We have the news in our hands before it is even news and it’s our job to tell the story.

What about you?

Do you like to travel? Like meeting new people? Like telling stories and occasionally getting some free stuff? Well you’re in for a treat. Overit’s PR department is hiring! We are looking for a public relations specialist who can bring to the table an energy that will lead to press coverage on behalf of our clients. From writing creative pitches and tweets to recognizing the needs of each reporter, we are looking for an individual who understands and possesses a start-up mentality where every resource is at their disposal.

If you think you have what it takes to be our next media hound, send your resume and cover letter to me directly at liz [at] overit [dot] com or check out our LinkedIn ad right here.

Maybe I’ll be hearing from you…