Press Releases & SEO


Just like your website content is optimized, press releases (like article marketing, too) should be optimized. Most of the same rules apply when it comes to site content and article marketing.

As a side note, a press release is somewhat akin to a promotional piece of writing that comes off as ‘newsworthy’ (to keep it in layman’s terms).

A very good reason to use this tactic is for increased brand awareness and brand mentions in search results for a particular phrase. For example, in regards to reputation management, having multiple listings (including your website, social media listings and press release listings) increases your chances for a click-though even more.

Because your news is timely, your title should be optimized for keywords, but crafted in such a way that lures the potential reader to read on. This is a similar tactic that we’ve written about in out blog when it comes to website content headlines. Your press release headline should contain the keyphrase you desire for ranking and for connecting to your potential readers.

Again, like website content, your press release content (while conforming to layout standards) should effectively use your keyphrase, but speak more towards the reader than to the search engines.