Say Hello to BestPass


We’ve covered this on Facebook and Twitter, but at least right here on the Overit blog we can get into the nitty gritty.

We were approached by BestPass, a toll pass savings company, to reinvigorate their brand, website, print materials and overall voice.

As you’ll see on their website, BestPass is a company that saves the transportation industry a lot of money. Millions. There was, however, a disconnect between potential clients and BestPass as they sought to improve their first impressions and avoid the common comments such as “what’s the catch?”


The Catch Is, There Is No Catch

BestPass, in it’s most elementary description, is able to offer toll savings above and beyond current discounts offered by such toll solutions providers as E-ZPass. They offer no-obligation, no-cost savings to clients when they sign up with BestPass. They certainly work with other providers on other toll roads, so their single Fusion transponder is an additional perk.

Perhaps in this day and age of general distrust for ‘too good to be true’ savings deals, the common notion of ‘what’s the catch’ seems prevalent, although not always the case.

A Working Solution

Through a careful re-branding process, website redesign, consistent print material creation and composition and the addition of a warmer, more appealing voice (taking the opposite road of ‘all corporate, all the time’) Overit Media was able to deliver a full marketing re-invigoration for BestPass.


_ Logo redesign
_ Branding
_ Web design
_ Web development (custom WordPress development)
_ Content strategy and composition
_ Print material design
_ Initial SEO

As Overit Media’s Kevin Richardson points out, “This is one of the few websites we’ve done that contains no imagery. This website hits all of the goals and expectations without any imagery whatsoever.”

We all agree with Kevin. What are your thoughts?