Search Engine Optimization Signals > 9 Trust Factors


For the search engines and your visitors to trust your website is a strong signal that you are a true player in whatever game your niche plays.

That’s a colloquial way of putting it, but in the end trust helps signal all that you’re not a flash-in-the-pan or playing any games to manipulate either search engines or your visitors.

9 Factors That Help Build Trust

Work on the following signals to build some trust:

• Register your domain for more than 2 years (more like 5)

• Don’t register other domain names that you’ll use for untrustworthy practices

• Attain links from other valued websites

• Add fresh, updated content

• Don’t spam the search engines with repetitive over-use of keywords and phrases

• Abide by the standards of the search engines

• Abide by accessibility standards

• Have your website coded cleanly & professionally

• Don’t link out to a whole bunch of websites that have little relevance to your theme or topic