Overit, SEO/PPC12.12.08

So Natural, It’s An SEO Website Launch


Overit Media launched a site dedicated to our (SEO) Search Engine Optimization, and Search Marketing in general, is a smart move, and here’s a couple of reasons why:

When clients come through the door, some have little if any knowledge of what Search Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is and what it consists of. A site dedicated solely for describing our broad range of services in focused terms is geared towards an ‘ah-ha’ moment. We’d like clients to be as educated as possible and be able to have those ‘ah-ha’ moments so as to hit the ground running when we suggest an SEM/SEO campaign for maximum visibility.

Clients are also able to have a reference point to refer to when we speak our jargon. Say ‘Client A’ leaves our offices and there’s a slight head-spinning-effect going on (it’s only natural and we know it happens). He/She can go to our Overit Media SEO site and reframe what was said.

With tools, site DNA explanations and a darn good description of services and terms, we hope that you’ll enjoy your next visit to our new site. Saddle up.

There’s nothing like the real thing, so head over to our SEO site and see the Overit Media SEO difference. (Not too keen on clicking text? That’s okay. The URL is: http://www.overitseo.com)