Social Media Management & Twitter


As everyone jumps on the social media marketing train, the tools you use can help define or shape your success. We at Overit Media know this and we are now implementing a Twitter campaign management system that saves resources, streamlines the process, and allows multiple users to schedule, approve and post Tweets.

Brief Highlights

> Easily Maintain Multiple Users for a Single Account
> Schedule Posts for Specific Time of Day Approve or Deny Posts in the Scheduling System
> Monitor Your Brand (alerts sent by email or SMS)
> Tweet By Email or Text
> Auto Link Shortening and Tracking

Why a Management System?

We often find that clients wish to contribute to Twitter even though we may be managing the campaign. And why not? Our clients know their business inside and out. Using a management system in conjunction with a client will help us (1) identify client business news quickly (2) organize campaigns in advance and streamline the approval process (3) discover new, valuable angles (4) track brand mentions for reporting and (5) help the client better measure results.

If you or your company has been thinking of using Twitter and would like to improve brand awareness and interactivity with customers, we feel that partnering with Overit Media is a sound choice due to our vast online marketing experience and our expertise with a management system that simplifies and improves communication with your customers.

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