Something Google This Way Comes


Search engines periodically change how they report to results to users. Almost 90% of Internet sessions begin on a search engine and the Granddaddy of them all is about to make some changes. Changes within a search engine usually mean changes in how they return search results. For those who rely on search engine based traffic and Search Engine Optimization, this is especially important.

A “But Why?” Example

With the untimely passing of music icon Michael Jackson, it took Twitter an instant to have news updates showing up in their search results, but comparatively, in major search engine time-lines, it took Google much too long to start showing results. If we noticed this, no doubt, so did Google.

A brief history search, most recently, shows that Yahoo! merged with MSN (now called Bing), Facebook has been implementing real-time search technologies and the most unlikely candidate in real-time search, Twitter, is probably at the forefront of real-time search. This might be making Google go a little goofy.

Google also has roughly 70% of the market of search, so possibly in response, they are rolling out algorithmic changes. Being synonymous with ‘search’ (as in, “Go Google it!”), Google will refuse to slip behind in the search race, rather, Google will make every effort to remain on top, if not try to crush the competition even more.

In order to do so, Google is in the process of changing.

What Does That Mean for Me and My Website?

Maybe nothing. Maybe everything. How’s that for a researched, scientific answer? The truth is, we don’t know yet. Some possible scenarios may play like so: It could mean drastic changes in traffic and ranking. It might not, but it could; either negatively or positively. In other words, if you rank well and get healthy amounts of traffic because of your rank and inclusion, be aware you might slip. Then again, the Google changes might have the opposite effect and raise your rankings – or neither.

Get To The Point

While keeping a close eye on upcoming changes, reports and industry chatter, we will be working overtime to make changes where necessary in order to keep relevant traffic flowing to your site. We might hit some bumps in the road, but we’ll help smooth them out because we like to play in traffic so you don’t have to.