TGIF: Fridays at Overit


I have to say, Fridays are my favorite day at Overit – Not because tomorrow is the weekend (well, maybe a little bit), but because it’s pizza day! Every Friday at 12:00 on the dot, we hear the doorbell ring – “Pizza’s here!”

I know what you’re thinking… It’s only pizza right? That’s not the point. We are busy bees here at Overit and all work in separate quarters doing our thing with our own teams. So, for an hour (sometimes less and sometimes more) we sit down as a group and eat delicious Spinners pizza (you’re welcome for the shout out) and chat about everything from what we are doing over the weekend to funny things that have happened that week. Mostly, it’s me, the resident chatterbox, recapping all the hilarious one-liners my three-year-old son said the night before. Hey I have to entertain the crowd – I am in PR and a Leo.

But let me tell you why I am really excited for today. We are swapping Pizza Friday for… wait for it…. BBQ Friday!!!Our fearless leader is selflessly trucking his grill from his house into the backyard of our church/rectory for a good old fashion barbecue. One of our favorite clients, DeCrescente has so graciously supplied the beverages. Even though it’s cold and windy outside and is only supposed to see the low end of 50 degrees, that won’t stop us from going outside eating some great food and having some great conversations.

TGIF at Overit!