The Future of Media


Today, CEO and President of Overit Media, Dan Dinsmore addressed students at Southern Vermont College during a Future of Media conference.

Apart from the beautiful fall foliage and cooperating nice weather, Dan found an interested group of future professionals who eagerly listened to him describe the past, present and future of media.

Representing the college was a group of roughly 50 students and faculty who listened intently while Dinsmore spoke of emerging technologies and how globally reaching companies still findslocal audiences and vice-versa. Ranging from mobile technologies to web design & development and even Internet marketing, Dan was able to paint an accurate picture of how digital agencies are driving company brands globally and locally now, more than ever.

With an excellent turn-out and insightful questions regarding the use of detailed demographics data, Dan’s speech seems to have been more than relevant in today’s economic landscape and employment development. As a varied array of majors were present, many not directly related to web and web marketing became better informed of how most all segments of business are still flocking to the web, web marketing and digital agencies for better, more successful visibility.

To learn more about how Overit Media is a driving force in digital media please view the Overit Media portfolio. If you or your company is interested in learning how Overit Media can drive your brand globally, locally and everywhere in-between, please feel free to contact us.