The Goals of a Search Engine and You


Most search engines have built their empires by sending people away…

Think about it. You visit a search engine, perform a search and leave to only visit the website of your choice. You essentially went to a website with all intentions of getting the heck out of there.

Search engines typically make their money through serving ads and or other products.

They still, however, send their users away. Sounds like the opposite of what we’re talking about when it comes to website success and web experiences.

The one thing they all have in common is that they want you to come back.

With that concept in mind, you can be darn sure that they want to return search results that are the best and as closely related to what it thinks you are truly looking for.

In the end, when search results are shown, the search engines strive to return websites that are:

1. Highly relevant to your search keywords or phrases
2. Authoritative in the niche
3. Trustworthy

Since the majority of people use a search engine to navigate the web, how are you planning your website to be competitive enough to be found in search results. How will you drive the majority of organic traffic from a search result to YOUR site?