Donald Trumppet Is President


Today, Donald Trumppet has become president

of Overit.

It is a tremendously huge day for them. Watch this great video of Trumppet saying important things about being an Internet marketing expert, the rumor that SEO is going away,and the deals he’s making with those in the music industry.

“It is a tremendously huge day for them. I discovered Overit and realized what losers they were without me. I am the best marketer and now that I own the company I will do really great things,” said Donald Trumppet when no one asked. “I will truly make marketing great again.”

“The Trumppet arrived this morning and told us that he was president. His people had already moved my stuff out. We’re just going with it,” said loser and former Overit president Dan Dinsmore.

On a phone call, Trumppet’s publicist, sounding remarkably similar to his client, stated:

“Unleashing his marketing genius on the world was a natural next step. He has all the best words, he’s an excellent businessman and I’m, I mean he’s, extremely rich. It was basically a no-brainer.” It’s worth noting the phone call took place on a Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone.

Trumppet has augmented his presence inside Overit by hanging numerous “Make Marketing Great Again” banners throughout the office, with smaller versions placed strategically across employee computers. Any staff members voicing concerns were immediately sent to the newly-branded Moron Room (formerly the Live Room of Overit Studios). While productivity is at an all time low, Trumppet has declared that the company is in fact “winning.”

For more information on what the hell is going on, visit DonaldTrumppet.com, where you’ll find lots more videos explaining this truly incredible, huge move, as well as Trumppet’s stance on SEO, Bing (HUGE LOSER!), free speech and other marketing-related topics. All of the people are already saying how genius this is. It’s all over Twitter (#DonaldTrumppet).