Web Accessibility and Overit Media


While Internet use continues to grow in general, Internet user demographics are changing as well. Putting emphasis on the many uses of the Internet (including commerce, education, health-care and recreational uses) drive’s Overit Media to incorporate website design strategies that include usability and accessibility for diverse segments of the population.

Web development technology is changing the way people see, hear and access websites and adhering to web accessibility standards is key to opening more doors for those with disabilities and those with abilities that are in transition.

Those who are affected by physical, cognitive or neurological issues are all examples of those who benefit from web design and development with accessibility as part of the planning and execution of a site launch.

“A major part of our design philosophy in regards to website accessibility is about having ethics and responsibility as designers and developers on the Internet. We’ve all seen traditional media make strides in delivering a message in a manner that addresses many needs and situations. The Internet should be no different” explains Overit Media’s search engine optimization strategist Joseph Schaefer

Overit Media was formed in 1993 by CEO Dan Dinsmore. By utilizing a wide range of multimedia and design practices and techniques, Overit Media helps a client’s vision become a reality. In the case of Web Accessibility, Overit aims to build on the experience and talent culled over the last 15 years in order to design client sites that appeal to and are accessible to audiences of many abilities and situations.

“While web design of this nature goes beyond planning for those with a slow Internet connection or focusing on a specific need, we aim to develop websites that cover the many aspects of Web Accessibility Standards.” said Schaefer

The balance of attentive service and high-impact deliverables mixed with web accessibility solutions makes for client websites that will benefit a larger audience. Offering a complete website accessibility solution opens the door for entire segments of a population to have a rewarding, educational and informational online experience.

Albany, New York’s Overit Media and its award-winning design team hopes to raise the bar for other website development firms, whether in the Capital District area or internationally.