What Identity Crisis?


How do you want potential, current, and past clients to see your company? What is it about your company that you want to portray to your market? If someone was to have one word in which to describe your company, what would you want that word to be? Would you believe that your company’s name and logo could become a fixture in the minds of consumers with the right branding strategy?

No matter where you look you’ll find differing opinions and fact surrounding ‘correct branding’. Something to surely keep in mind, especially online, is the overall presentation and the experience your customers have on a website speak volumes of your brand.

For example, if descriptors of your brand/product/service include efficiency, trust, and authority, then your website should do the same.

Your content should reflect authority in your niche. Your content elements and interface should exude trust and not come off as spammy or have an ultra-in-your-face marketing message. Your site should load quickly and get to the point while logically leading the user through content consumption and whatever your call to action is.

Of course, these are broad examples, but we’re pretty sure you get the point.

The old saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is desirably true, but not to smart consumers who want quality and value in their products and experiences with a brand. They will judge your company by what it appears to be from your branding strategies and the consistency of its promised value throughout the entire brand experience.

No need to worry. If you’re having an identity crisis, don’t go out and by a brand new car, or a luxe seaside mansion in the Bahamas, just ask and we’ll start the collaborative process to finding success.