What is Search Marketing?


What is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing refers to the myriad of techniques and tools used on the Internet to increase website visibility and best prepare your website for visitors to find what they are searching for in regards to a site’s contents in relation to search query intention.
Related buzzwords for businesses hoping to attract visitors to their site through Internet Marketing are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click(PPC) advertising.

Examples of Search Engines that produce many search queries on a daily basis:
Google, Yahoo!, MSN &

Search Engine Optimization

Scientifically speaking, many Internet users tend to choose from the first page of search results when using a search engine to find exactly what they are looking for.

The hard truth is, if your site is listed beyond the first page of search results, few searchers will drill deep enough into the pages of links to find your site.

If your site secures a top/first page listing, then you have an exponentially better chance of being visited by more targeted traffic. On-going search engine optimization approaches that are considered the standard coupled with the development of new techniques that attract an intended audience is an important goal for website success.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help raise a site’s ranking within search engine results. Ethical (known in the industry as ‘white hat’) search engine standards and best-practices typically draw the most successful, long-term success.

In order to best optimize a website, thorough site analysis, strategizing and implementation must occur on a regular basis.

Paid Advertising (PPC)

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a tool used to gain more exposure online, typically through a search engine, by way of a paid ad that appears during a search query for specific keywords. The ad is paid for when a Internet user ‘clicks’ on the link/ad that brings that person to a website.

Overit Media SEO
Search Engine Optimization is a cost effective means of marketing your website on the internet. As a set of tools, techniques and practices, SEO allows your website to appeal to your audience and the search engines as relevant and as authoritative as possible.

As a set of tools, techniques and practices, SEO allows your website to appeal to your audience and the search engines as relevant and as authoritative as possible. When all of the search-engine-friendly variables are optimized within an ongoing effort, your site will climb the ranks of the search engines while driving targeted traffic to you.

The Basics

Site DNA
CODING: A website’s code should be such tha the search engines have no problem indexing each relevant page.

META DATA: Analyze, strategize and implement meta data that will make your site more visible and descriptive to your visitors and the search engines.

WEBSITE ACCESSIBILITY: Makes certain that people with disabilities can perceive, understand, navigate and interact with your pages on the Web.

Visitor Usability & Search Engine Visibility
● Implement search engine desired keywords and key phrases that flow effortlessly in your site’s content. Also, make sure keywords are strategically and ‘scientifically’ placed in order to ‘feed’ the search engine’s hunger for relevant and authoritative text.

The content itself should engaging and encourage your visitors to remain on the site and seek deeper into the site. The correct mixture of visitor-specific content that appeals to the search engines will make your site an authoritative destination rather than a stock marketing page that reads and feels like one big advertisement.

● Strategically place intra-site links by placing keyphrase/word-rich visible links from page to page while making sure that the website’s infrastructure recognizes the importance of each link. The search engines will thank you and so will your visitors.

● Strategize an Inbound Link Quality Program that strives to acquire quality links, not quantity. Quality is more attractive to a search engine than quantity.

● Composes and submit relevant articles to quality article submission sites to promote your business, brand, identity and website.

● Submit your company and site information to highly ranked directories within the Web.

● Viral Marketing is a simple equation: Word of Mouth + the Internet = Viral Marketing Power