Overit, SEO/PPC05.14.10

Why Go Mobile? Take the Poll!


By now most people have a cell phone and for those who don’t, you know what the heck one is. The fact that the word ‘phone’ in its title is telling enough to explain that it’s, well, a phone.

Nowadays, however, according to a New York Times article, cell phones are being used less for talking and more for their data capabilities.

Yeah, So What Overit!?

Well, this is as good of a time than ever to start convincing you that a mobile app or a mobile version of your website should be in your near future. Or, at the very least, you should be weighing the pros and cons (we can help you with that) and move forward from there.

Mobile, Mobile Everywhere

With the ever-growing number of mobile users accessing the web and using apps every day, you’ll need a digital agency that can provide a solution. Yes, we at Overit Media can be that solution but not for the most obvious reason (which is the creation of said application for those not seeing the obvious reason). We’re also capable of tracking, analyzing and reporting usage data. Obviously, that is highly valuable marketing and research information you need to have.


You’d be best to find a digital agency that can offer a complete solution instead of piece-mealing parts of a complete project to several people and or vendors.

I’ve got to stop as this seems to be turning into a marketing message and the intention is to have you realize how important it is to start thinking of mobile solutions.

As an aside, I recently purchased a new Smart Phone (unfortunately replacing my iPhone) and even the saleswoman confessed that she no longer uses her desktop or laptop computer. All of her web-based activities take place from the palm of her hand, via her phone.


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