Why Website Design Quality is a MUST


If you’re a website owner or even a marketer, it’s no secret that the majority of the Internet-using population uses a search engine to navigate the enormous web.

It’s also no secret that Google is the king of search engines and a lot of focus must be placed on getting your website to rank well in the search results.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, what gives with the title of this post? Why is website design even more of a priority than ever?

Glad you asked.

On Tuesday, November 9th, Google rolled out INSTANT PREVIEWS. This simply means that searchers can now hover over a search result and get a ‘snapshot’ of what a website looks like without actually clicking over to experience it.

Google Instant Preview Screenshot
Google Instant Preview Screenshot

Those with sub-par website designs, but rank well, may have a much tougher time getting that elusive search traffic. Plus, being in the #1 spot may not be enough to sway your potential visitor to click over to your site as these same visitors can determine which site ‘looks’ better/more authoritative without actually clicking through to see what’s on the other side of that click.

Here at Overit we have always made QUALITY a top priority. We employ some of the best designers and developers any company can find and now, more than ever, it is essential that your website look its best, deliver the clearest message and perform at the top of its game.

If you have any questions or even some doubts about the state of your current website, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and see how we can take your website from ‘working’ to WINNING.