A House of Creativity

The Overit office blends a traditional space with a wide array of high-tech features and capabilities designed to inspire a team of creative thinkers.

A 1930s traditional gothic church serves as the Overit headquarters. Inside, you'll find an open workspace built to facilitate collaboration among members across departments. An intense renovation process was fueled by our vision of assembling an insanely creative work environment. Now, with designers seated next to developers and our content writers able to chat with illustrators, the Overit headquarters is built to encourage the sharing of knowledge, ideas and constructive criticism allowing us to produce high-quality campaigns rich in creativity and service integration.

Inside Overit, you'll find a focus on inspiration-stimulating visuals. The colorful stained glass windows, motion design reels playing on large screens throughout the production floor and an open arrangement of desks made from the refurbished wood of the church's pews set the tone of the building. Our Matrix Multimedia system allows us to beam presentations, files and more anywhere throughout the building at all times, creating a mobile work environment suited for all of our meeting needs.

State of the Art Audio and Visual

Overit has built a recording studio, a state-of-the-art multimedia facility unlike any other on the east coast. The facility utilizes the unique structure of our traditional church for multi-purpose use. Complete with a cyclorama for photography, video and motion capture, the Live Room capitalizes on 40' ceilings and the surrounding structure to optimize acoustics for audio recording and production. This room also acts as a flexible event space for local businesses and industry thought leadership conferences that may be streamed to the Internet.

Just beyond the live room, the Overit multimedia facility extends to feature a spacious control room, isolation booth, vocal booth, editing room and whisper room. HD cameras for streaming and recording, as well as a Pro Tools HD system with vintage pre-amps and a mass of high-end microphones, contribute to a recording studio specifically designed and tuned for pristine audio production. We don't want to brag but all the above means our production team can do things other agencies simply can't.

Ready to Get Overit?

Our team is prepared to offer creative marketing solutions including: