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We offer creative, strategy, and breakthrough technology solutions for banks, credit unions, and payment platforms.

Empowering the Financial Evolution

Finance is ever-evolving, and so are the demands of your customers. At Overit, we help financial service companies enter new markets, create and implement imaginative brand solutions, upgrade internal systems and sales infrastructure, and create compelling advertising campaigns to resonate with fickle customers. 

Over the past 30 years, Overit has helped financial institutions set business strategies and achieve goals, launch new brands into the marketplace, get immersive with audio through sonic brand and podcasting, segment audiences via life stages, and build the business infrastructure needed to track and measure marketing effectiveness. 

We elevate financial services companies through:
Market Research
Gain insights and position new products and campaigns for success with virtual or in-person research capabilities.
Branding & Positioning
A holistic, research-backed approach to positioning your brand and creating clear, concise, and compelling messaging.
Marketing Strategy
Custom, in-depth, multi-channel marketing strategies meet consumers, business owners, and partners where they are.
Sales Enablement & CRM Integration
Identify, integrate and automate sales and marketing to improve revenue and efficiency by making data part of your marketing mix.
House of Creative
Video. Design. Animation. Photography. Audio. An in-house, award-winning creative team with recording studio capabilities to get your brand noticed.
Digital Content
Build relationships with your audience through blogs, email marketing, whitepapers, and more to educate them on their financial future.
Financial Services Marketing Case Studies
Our Experience

Within the Capital Region, there are more than a dozen financial institutions. Potential members often need help understanding the advantages of credit unions over banks and what CAP COM provides. CAP COM partnered with Overit to drive new member acquisition, build asset growth, and increase awareness of CAP COM’s services and benefits through a comprehensive mix of multi-platform marketing. 

Since 2020, CAP COM has touched every department within Overit. We’ve worked with CAP COM on internal and external brand and messaging, campaign concepting, traditional and digital advertising, video production and creative services, sonic branding, media buying, public relations, and more. Our team has built campaigns around brand awareness and specific products, including new member acquisition, mortgages, financial services, and one-off awareness campaigns. 

In the summer of 2021, SEFCU and CAP COM Board of Directors unanimously approved a merger of equals to create a new $8-billion credit union in the Capital Region. Overit was brought in to assist CAP COM and SEFCU with merger-related activities, including early naming and brand development work, consumer and market research, public relations, and focus group testing of the new names being considered by the CAP COM and SEFCU boards. 

While working with Overit, CAP COM saw:

Added value
Back on traditional spend
Adds up
Back on negotiable spend
Growth in organic keyword ranking through Q3
Actions generated in 2021
Real action
Actions generated in 2021
Real results
Completed applications June - December 2021

Since 1964, Hudson River Community Credit Union (HRCCU) has loyally served the community, helping members to meet their financial needs and acting as a resource for building strong financial futures. HRCCU partnered with Overit to leverage the credit union’s established roots while modernizing its look, feel, and member experience. Our initial engagement with HRCCU found us overhauling their website, reimagining HRCCU’s brand identity from the ground up, and creating a brand new, show-stopping visual identity. We created an in-depth Brand Guide to help the organization utilize the new identity correctly, covering topics such as logo usage, colors, typography, tagline usage, and more.  

After a successful first engagement, Overit was brought on as HRCCU’s Agency of Record. Our team was responsible for strategizing and implementing email marketing, social media, content marketing, and search engine optimization. A flexible production retainer allowed us to fuel HRCCU’s marketing with new, on-the-fly collateral for cross-marketing materials, signage, posters, training materials, brochures, online advertising, and more. 

When HRCCU created a new Credit Union Service Organization, Overit handled all research, discovery, naming, logo and brand identity, and website development.  

While working with Overit, HRCCU saw:

  • A more seamless look and feel that is easily recognizable and cohesive across all platforms — from print to the website to their collateral material. This began with a logo refresh and ended with website redesign. 
  • Diversification of campaigns across multiple advertising platforms. This lead to growth for multiple product offerings and more brand recognition in the Capital Region. 

Experian was struggling with organic search visibility and needed a partner to uncover technical site restraints and make recommendations for brand and messaging. Overit performed comprehensive website and brand auditing for two Experian properties — Experian Data Quality and Experian Decision Analytics — to understand the websites and the associated limitations. 

Overit’s SEO and UX/UI team dug into all technical SEO elements, off-page SEO considerations, and UI/UX concerns evaluating hundreds and thousands of keywords against 14 distinct competitors. This research allowed us to identify the most promising candidates for keyword ranking expansion and how the brand could fill relevant keyword gaps.

Our brand and content team worked to evaluate the brand’s messaging and positioning to understand where Experian’s point of difference and services overlapped with consumer needs. Using research provided by the earlier auditing, we evaluated the same competitors for positioning and key messaging before combing through the sites to identify areas where Experian could strengthen both for clarity and new opportunities for conversion. 

While working with Overit, Experian saw:

Keywords evaluated
Competitors analyzed

While working with Overit, the CAP COM Board of Directors approved a merger of equals with SEFCU (State Employees Federal Credit Union) to create a new $8-billion credit union in the Capital Region. Overit was brought in to assist CAP COM and SEFCU with merger-related activities, including early naming and brand development work, consumer and market research, public relations, and focus group testing of the new names being considered by the CAP COM and SEFCU boards.

After the Broadview name and branding were chosen, we continued to work with Broadview, supporting their extensive campaign to roll out the new brand across New York state. We needed to educate both existing members and the general public that SEFCU and CAP COM had come together as Broadview Federal Credit Union. We needed current members who might feel anxious about the change to feel secure, and for non-members to want to join.

We created a comprehensive media plan with a mix of digital and traditional elements to get the word out to a large audience. Tactics included print, radio and streaming, out-of-home, television, and social media, including Meta, Snapchat, and YouTube. In total, we placed over a million dollars in media across New York state and online.

The brand launch was highly collaborative, as we were in constant communication with the client and other creative partners to help bring Broadview’s vision to fruition. We’re excited to see the Broadview brand continue to grow and thrive in the coming years!

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