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How consumers discover new products, services, and providers has changed.
New tools, platforms, and technologies are arming customers with more information and control than ever before.

With so many different avenues to research service providers, you can longer predict — or control — how a consumer will first come across your business. This has made your job marketing to them exponentially more difficult.

Thankfully, as a home service provider, you also have new tools, new platforms, and new technologies to help you reach consumers than ever before.

This ebook will show you how to break through the noise to get your brand seen, heard, and trusted. Good help should be easy to find. With our help, it will be.



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We elevate Home Services Marketing through the following:
In-depth, multi-channel marketing strategy
As a full-service marketing agency, we’re equipped to offer you an in-depth 360-degree marketing strategy that builds successful campaigns.
Real-time, custom digital dashboards
Your Dashboard is your one-stop-shop that allows us to monitor campaigns continuously, check on KPIs, and respond more rapidly with timely ads and messaging.
Evaluating your sales funnel
We’ll help you see how many leads your marketing has generated, and also tie it to exact business revenue.
Positioning your brand to cut through the clutter
Our brand positioning work will help you identify your key audiences, tenets, voice, positioning, key messages, and much more.
Our proprietary, customized virtual assistant
Ējento Connect is a new fully customizable smart virtual assistant & video chat tool developed by Overit to help facilitate rapid customer communication, boost sales, and cut overhead costs for our clients.
Implementing customer review campaigns
79% of consumers trust an online review about a brand as much as they trust a recommendation from their friends or family. Through text and emails we'll help you build a library of postive reviews.
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Home Service Hustle: Proven Techniques For Growing Your Business
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