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Overit Pest Control Marketing
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Overit pairs seasoned talent with an innovative marketing mix to help pest control companies develop their brand, stand out, and accelerate growth.

Pest Control Marketing
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The pest control industry is facing rapid expansion. That’s great news for your brand. But as consumers become savvier and more connected, you face the new challenge of creating messages that resonate. Of being where they are, when they’re looking. Of producing not just standout creative and attracting more leads but also doing a better job of closing leads and building the business infrastructure to track and measure marketing effectiveness.

That’s where we come in.

Overit works with pest control companies to help you generate new customers, engage current customers by speaking their language, and harness technology to streamline and enhance your business operations.

Brand Positioning
When a pest problem strikes, consumers call the name they remember first. We’ll position your brand with messaging that resonates and visuals that break through the clutter.
AI & Virtual Assistants
We’ve developed a proprietary, customizable virtual assistant to help you engage with leads, book appointments, and close business faster - all with no overhead. Use live video chats so techs can assess a situation without driving to a client's house.
Customer Review Campaigns
Increase sales and exposure with customer review campaigns that solicit genuine business feedback.
Digital Strategy
Fire up your lead gen efforts with custom, in-depth, multi-channel marketing strategies, including online advertising, video marketing, social media, content marketing, and more.
Business Insights / Overlytics
Evaluate ROI by measuring from lead to sale, using real-time digital dashboards to quantify not just the cost to attract a lead, but to convert a lead to a customer.
Growth Strategy
More dollars. More growth. We look at your complete customer journey to find what’s working, what’s not, and where we can make changes to increase your funnel and close more leads.

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Thomas Pest Services

Thomas Pest Services partnered with Overit to expand their customer base and enhance their digital advertising efforts. They required a comprehensive digital and content strategy that would drive sales, attract new customers, and deepen their brand in the region. A digital-heavy advertising campaign, tracked in real-time, helped the brand to increase sales and identify new offerings even through the heart of the COVID pandemic.

Before it was time to attack the big stuff, first we had to perfect the little things. That meant elevating the brand to modernize it, to create more compelling messaging, and to better represent Thomas’ position in the market and the value it brings to customers.

Overit’s comprehensive online advertising strategy was next, targeting homeowners in Thomas’ service region, with specific campaigns created to attract new homeowners, those on new route areas, and re-engagement campaigns to get in front of former customers.

While working with Overit, Thomas saw:

Increase in leads YOY through Q3
increase in organic traffic to the website
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Catseye Pest Control

Catseye engaged Overit for a custom website and comprehensive digital marketing efforts, inclusive of online advertising, search engine optimization, character design, content marketing, traditional marketing, video game development, an animated cartoon pilot, and more! Dynamic Geotargeting was used on the website to customize a user’s experience based on their viewing location. Customers in New York’s Capital Region saw backdrops of the Albany skyline, while users from Southwest Florida saw sandy beaches. Geotargeting ensured that people within service regions saw a phone number with a local area code; numbers tracked whether visitors converted via organic search or online ads.

Overit’s work for Catseye Pest Control led to substantial overall growth for the brand — increasing share of voice within key regions, as well as organic search rankings, consumer engagement and conversions. Overit increased total lead value for Catseye Pest Control by $99,010, increased paid search leads by 64%, time on site by 40%, and brought down cost per lead in its main target market by 65%.

Animated brand characters created to lead our marketing
Increase in paid search leads
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A1 Pest Control
A-1 Pest Control

A-1 Pest Control came to Overit looking to expand their customer base. They were receiving most of their referrals from current customers and hadn’t successfully tapped into digital advertising in the past. They asked Overit for a comprehensive digital and content strategy that would drive sales, draw new customers, and deepen their brand imprint in the region.

Overit began by auditing A-1’s sales process and created a detailed sales workflow to accommodate their needs. The second step was to get A-1 ranking on search. Our team conducted a brand and SEO audit to identify content and keyword opportunities to help better position A-1’s search rankings. With that information we created paid media campaigns that included PPC and search ads, geo-targeting, programmatic advertising, Google Local Services, local billboards and social. Today at the click of a button, all of A-1’s leads can be identified by stage, potential revenue, and the marketing source they came from.

A-1 has seen:

Increase in YOY user traffic
Increase in page views