The Overit SEO Brief Episode 0 | Introducing The Overit SEO Brief


Introducing The Overit SEO Brief

Hey folks, it’s Dan O’Leary, AKA Dan O, the Senior SEO Strategist here at Overit Media. I’m excited today to announce that in the coming weeks Overit is going to release a new content series, dedicated to all things search. We’re calling it the Overit SEO Brief. If you are a small business owner or a marketing stakeholder in an organization where search engine traffic is important to your bottom line or objectives, then this series is designed specifically for you.

Search engine optimization can be complicated and intimidating to a lot of us. Even for those working in digital marketing, a single search engine, like Google is actually an ecosystem of different products and services. You have organic results, paid search results, Google shopping, Google, local maps, images, news, and more.

And on top of that, Google makes changes every day to the tune of 500-600 updates a year from the slightest tweaks to seismic shifts in how they deliver their search results. If you’re not a full-time search engine professional like myself, it’s too much to keep up with. And even if you’re trying to stay updated, it’s hard to know what to make of it all.

What does this mean for my organization and what should we do? So that’s where the Overit SEO Brief comes in. Each quarter, we’re going to curate for you just three to five of the most important updates or recent stories in the world of search. And we’re going to distill it down into short-form video content.

We’ll tell you what happened, what it means, and why it matters for your organization. And most importantly, what you can do about it for actionable next steps or planning. Like the name says it’s gonna be brief, ┬áit’s going to be digestible, and it’s going to be accessible to those of us who are not immersed in SEO 24/7, but need to stay abreast of search engine marketing.

If you give us seven to eight minutes, we’ll tell you exactly what you need to know right. When you need to know it. So if that sounds like something you’d be interested in watching or listening to please stay tuned for more updates and info. Again, we’ll be launching the first episode very soon…

We hope it will help a lot of you out there. And we really hope you check it out.