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We don’t believe in keeping data locked away in a dark room or making it hard for clients to access.

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Dashboard all night long.

Data is the star of our show and you’ll find that show playing all day long on a screen near you. We make data actionable AND accessible through real-time digital dashboards that pull your business and marketing intel into a centralized location—giving you everything you need to make confident business decisions.

At Overit, dashboarding is a verb. It’s the act of taking every meaningful piece of data your business is generating and transforming it into easy to understand charts and tables in one place. This one-stop-shop of data allows us to continuously monitor campaigns, check on KPIs, and respond more rapidly with timely ads and messaging.

Dashboards are built with a standard set of KPIs before being head-to-toe customized based on your needs, tactics and wants. This allows us to capture both the tried and true metrics, as well as the data points that matter most to you. We like to blend historical data with real-time information to help us identify developing or seasonal trends, while also monitoring the effectiveness of what’s running today.

How can you access your dashboard?
All you need is an internet connection.

Dashboards are accessible via a shared URL – which means you and your team can access them from whenever you are, and share the information with whoever needs to see it. This allows for increased transparency and a quicker turnaround time for decision making.

Monthly reports complement the living dashboard to cover all KPIs and to give our teams the opportunity, where challenges exist, and how we can do better.

Built around your data and sales cycle, orchestrated with behavioral triggers and filters and customized to brand and message, It’s the closest you can get to marketing magic.

Real-Time Dashboards
The numbers don’t lie.
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