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Digital Behavioral Tracking

Know what your customer wants before they do

Digital Behavioral Tracking
The days of guessing are over.

Every day you make marketing decisions. Which headline should you use? Stick with testimonial-based messaging or try something new? Which product will you double-down on and what will wait until next quarter? You can make these decisions using your gut (or the gut of the loudest person in the room) or you can trade your best-guess for real marketing insight.

Let us suggest the latter.

We take the guesswork out of marketing by giving you a complete targeting profile of your audience to work with. This allows you to make marketing decisions based on the specific likes, desires, interests and wants of your actual customers. We’re not talking about generic persona creating or using a few data points to create an educated hunch. We’re talking about leveraging behavioral tracking to map the digital footprint of the people who come to your site and then monitoring them across the Web.

With digital behavioral tracking, we can compile your audiences’ Web searches, online behavior and other information to create a full user profile, revealing what they want and what they avoid. Then, we apply this objective data to your marketing strategy – creating ads, headlines, calls to action and more that speak to your audiences’ preferences and desires.

The days of guessing your way through marketing decisions are over. Welcome to data-centered behavioral tracking.


Why digital behavioral tracking?
The numbers don't lie.
Lost opportunities
of marketers fail to use behavioral data for online ad targeting
Fish where the fish are
of U.S. males aged 18-34 would 'ideally buy everything online'
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