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Lead to Sale Measurement

Leads are important. Leads grow up to become credit card-wielding customers who buy products and services.

Digital Marketing
Leads are nice. Revenue is better.

Of course, you should measure leads. It’s just that leads are where measurement starts, not where it ends.

At Overit, we take measurement a hop, skip and a jump further to give you true lead to sale and lead to conversion numbers. We’ll help you see how many leads your marketing has generated, and also tie it to exact business revenue. If you’re already set up in a marketing stack, we’ll work within your system, building the connectors we need to report on how marketing performed, the number of leads it brought in, the cost per lead, and the total amount of revenue generated per channel. This way, when you’re trying to make business decisions about what to invest in more and what to potentially retire, you’ll have the information you need to decide confidently. 

If you’re not set up for end-to-end measurement, let us architect the magic for you. We’ll identify the right technology, tools and software to streamline your systems and create an ecosystem where your tech actually talks to each other. It’s kinda like an open office environment–where your ERP, CRM and other toolsets are sitting in the same space having conversations, rather than locked in their own stuffy cubicles wearing headphones. 

Imagine it—a world where sales and marketing team up for stronger business insights and where you know exactly where your marketing dollars are best spent. We do it everyday. Let us show you how.

Why invest in lead to sale measurement?
The numbers don’t lie.
The right tech
of marketers are planning to add new technologies to their ABM stack.
(Smart Insights)
The right metrics
Just over 75% of marketers are reporting on how campaigns directly influence revenue.
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