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Brand Messaging

Your brand doesn't just exist on your website. It's everywhere - in all messaging, site content, advertisements, taglines, branded video, brochures, email signatures, press releases and more. To attract customers and establish your point of difference, your brand must speak loudly, clearly and with a unified voice. Otherwise, you're not helping your consumers understand who you are.

In fact, you're confusing them.

Overit's brand message services are designed to help you craft a positioning statement that clearly defines your brand in terms of your product, your customers and your competition. This brand positioning will be supported and complemented by visuals that express the brand's feel, personality and emotion.

If you already understand what your brand is, we'll work with you to incorporate it into everything you're doing, from your company blog to television advertising. It's not enough to know your brand - you need to bleed it.

If you could use some help defining what that statement is, we'll help you identify your core brand message.

Some questions we may ask:

What makes you different from your competitors? How does your brand message speak to that?
Is your message simple, clear, and concise?
Is your message authentic? Can you live up to what you're promising?
Does your message align with the needs and values of your consumer?

We understand that the consistency of your message, across platforms, is essential. We also know that crafting a message that is unique and portable can be tougher than you think. If you've been struggling to better explain your brand, let Overit help you find your voice.

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