Graphic Design

Strategically-developed visuals that communicate your brand’s personality.

We communicate in a visual language.

Creativity and courage — that’s what it takes to stand out. Not phoning-it-in or good-enough design, but design that captivates and shapes how a person sees, understands, and feels about something.

Graphic design is the art of problem-solving through visual communication. It’s a process where our team of creative thinkers pairs typography, color theory, photography, iconography, and illustration to communicate a message and create visual hierarchy. The designers at Overit are image makers, combining a variety of skill sets to form elegant, intelligent, and emotional messages through different visual mediums. With backgrounds in both traditional and digital media solutions, our team is focused on building unique, creative solutions to attract your audience with the right story, in a way that inspires.

Whether designing a logo or an infographic, our approach is the same: do the research, understand the problem, distill the message, and communicate through simple, visual means to engage the audience and provide something memorable. We understand what many don’t — that true design is about connection, not pretty images.

“Design is simply planning. My definition of design is this: it is going from an existing position to a preferred one. It’s everything.”
Milton Glaser
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The numbers don't lie.
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Using a signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%.
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~75% of consumers form an opinion about a website’s credibility based on its design.
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