Presentation Design

How do you compete with the whole internet for your audience’s attention?

No one wants to check out your PowerPoint, Bob.

These days, designing an effective, compelling presentation is a tall order. Not only are you competing with the entire internet and all of its bells and whistles. You’re also competing with every other run-of-the-mill slide deck your audience has encountered multiple times per day.

What you have to say is important. How you deliver that message may be even more important. At Overit, we help you build presentations that surprise, delight, and, most of all, captivate. We work closely with you to ensure that the structure, design, pacing, and flow of your presentation matches the strength and significance of your message.

Memorable storytelling. Bold visual elements. The right medium for your message. Whether you’re in person, online, or a mix of both, all of these are crucial factors in holding your audience’s attention while social media, email, and pictures of cuddly puppies threaten to steal them away.

Know what’s just as good as a raccoon in a car seat

  • Simple, succinct storytelling 
  • Clear, purposeful design
  • User experience 
  • Varied slides 
  • Compelling data

Put down the Slides. Forget about Keynote. Tell PowerPoint to get a life. You’re presenting in the big leagues now. Let us help.

“...Advertising is persuasion, and persuasion is not a science, but an art. Advertising is the art of persuasion.”
William Bernbach
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The numbers don’t lie.
Consistent presentation of brand can increase revenue by 33%.
of speakers feel more confident presenting with a well-designed slide deck.
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